Endorsed by Code for Milwaukee
Digital Public Works by Steve Johnson
A web platform for connecting civic projects with volunteers and mentors. We are looking for someone who can help us develop a privacy policy and terms of service.
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Decarceration Platform by Project Member
Problem: Mass incarceration and suboptimal guidance to formerly incarcerated individuals upon reentering release from prison. Who: Formerly incarcerated individuals Where: Largely in Wisconsin but also in many states in the United States of America How we're trying to solve it: A ReactJS website (with material ui and other npm packages) with an AWS backend serves to provide: (1) post incarcerated individuals with a single tool that effectively guides their reentry journey so they can lead lives of purpose and positivity in their communities and families, (2) reentry and incarceration data, (3) relevant decarceral events, (4) uninformed individuals with resources to learn about mass incarcerated and get invovled
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NexTo by Kayla Suhm
NexTo connects public, private, and nonprofit organizations delivering various supplies and services to community members in Milwaukee.
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VolunteerMKE by Sydney Arbeiter
Within the greater Milwaukee area, there are many people who want to volunteer and give back to their community but don't know where they can help. We are creating an interactive map of the locations of volunteer opportunities across the area to get people volunteering and strengthen the community in Milwaukee.
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BusMKE by Mitchell Henke
Most real-time MCTS apps require installing an application, or the web experience is less than ideal, and can't be shared easily. I'd like to build a real-time bus tracker that can be set up as a kiosk/display, doesn't require installing an app, and can be easily shared. Development happening at: https://github.com/mitchellhenke/bus_kiosk Website: https://busmke.com
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